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PURRkor Extreme

This is PURRkor Extreme! Your cat will love running or climbing up the vertical scratchers and jumping between the sisal steps to simply perch or to get closer to the cozy floating hammock where they can rest, relax and recharge.

You will love the stylish yet sturdy space-saving minimalist design – no unsightly brackets.

Promotes good health and discourages kitty from scratching your furniture. Win-Win Yay!

This kit offers endless versatility and includes:
3 vertical scratchers
2 sisal steps
one hammock (your choice of color or print)
+ all mounting hardware (screws and anchors)

You choose where to place them on the wall, depending on the size of your cat. Cats like a good stretch so we recommend you install the scratchers at least 4 inches off the floor and/or above the trim. They can be stacked with space between them (both ends are finished for a clean look). So versatile, you can even adjust the height and distance between the pieces over time, accommodating your growing/ aging friend.