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Cat Wall Scratchers

Cat Scratching Post, Vertical Wall-Mounted Cat Scratcher, Sisal Cat Climbing Wall

Sturdy sisal covered purrfect scratching post. Promotes good health and essential for good grooming. Discourages them from scratching your furniture.

You choose where to place them on the wall, depending on the size of your cat. Cats like a good stretch so we recommend you install the post at least 4 inches off the floor and/or above the trim. Even better is these posts can be stacked with space between them (ends are finished for a clean look). So versatile

These scratchers can be used on their own, stackable to make a climbing wall or in combination with an original Purrfect Catbird Seat Hammock and steps, also found in my Etsy shop.

Your cats will love their newfound freedom! You will love that YOUR couch is safe from their claws!